I’m a proven, well-traveled, digital strategist, writer and video producer/shooter/editor that has worked with amazing professionals, subjects, and brands, primarily in the world of professional sports and large scale sponsors. 

My passion lies in an immersive approach to stories and content strategies using video, social media and the written word to successfully engage the targeted audience in creative ways. 

I’ve moved throughout the country and experienced a variety of positions and companies where I wouldn’t trade the amazing learning opportunities I’ve been able to sponge up and build a repository to reflect upon and put into action today.

Diversity, equality, higher education, sports, and giving back to the community are all important to me no matter where I call home.

When I’m not on the computer or Smartphone I’m likely at a live music event, enjoying a growing collection of vinyl albums, checking out the local art and dining scene if not watching or attending a sporting event, especially ice hockey.

Thanks for your time and visit my contact page if you’d like to learn more.